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greenwitch shares The Unspoken Rules of Writing Fantasy:

2. Names don't need to make sense....EVER

When you're making names for your characters its always best to just smack the keyboard lightly a few times and then go back, delete a few characters, add a random apostrophe and then capitolize.
Example: Step 1. Lightly smack keyboard: iulukgtfv;/uhugtvfk
Step 2. Go back and delete a few characters: So, iulukgtfv;/uhugtvfk turns to iluktfvu
Step 3. Add a random apostrophe and capitolize: Now we have Iluk'Tfvu
See? It's sooo easy! Now run and make you're own fantasy genre names. These names work well for people, places, or even entire races!!

See entire entry here.
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