Syagria (idadebeautreux) wrote in metaquotes,

Curiously Strong Mint

A post, with permission, from a friend, Mielikki, and an anecdote about her friend.

Now, a warning to my friends because I love you all.

Do *not* assume that a lack of immediate tingling on your lover's naughty bits when you apply said peppermint oil is a signal to 'slather more of that stuff on.' Or a sign that you need to massage it in more, um, vigorously. Or, for the love of God, both. The sight of your lover jumping up and down and fanning his/her bits vigorously with his/her hand and making odd noises may sound funny. Okay, so it is funny, sort of, but the funny is tempered with dread that you've broken your lover's naughty bits and you don't get to play with them for awhile.

So, be warned. Patience is rewarded, you cracked-out instant gratification junkie.

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