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A Conversation

A very bizarre conversation between my friend ikawee and a stranger online.

Ika: who are you>?
Him: hmm
Him: gd question
Him: who am i?
Ika: oh no
Him: but 1st, who are you?
Ika: i am me
Ika: who else can i be
Him: i am not you
Ika: there's only one of me
Him: exactly
Him: so i am not you
Ika: oh wow
Ika: like i didn't know that
Him: oh my
Him: you mean you don't feel enlightened?
Ika: nope
Him:: why don't you describe yourself in more detail?
Ika: i'm human
Ika: and therefore not a programme
Him: observing and knowing oneself is the path to enlightenment
Him: you are very wrong there human
Him: a human may be a program
Ika: eh?
Ika: so you're saying tt I'm a programme?
Ika: i don't believe in enlightenment
Ika: really
Ika: anyway
Ika: go here
Him: hm
Him: why there?
Ika: cause it's not here

And so the conversation follows and follows.
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