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Ode to Shoebox

I can't even pretend I have any dignity left.

I've run out of ways to tell you this is wonderful.

When I woke up this morning and realized it was thursday, my brain said (with apologies):

Ode to Shoebox

Oh Shoebox, I love you
Oh Shoebox, I'm yours
To get to my Shoebox
I'd crawl on all fours

I'd walk on hot coals
I'd eat broken glass
I'd put out a fire
With my naked ass

Some call me obsessive
But I do not care
Online life would be empty
If you were not there

No offense to my flist
They're awesome as well
Shoebox + my flist
= the opposite of hell

So Shoebox, oh shoebox
I wait patiently
For my Thursday installment
Squee squee squee squee squee.

~handelshands, here, in the comments to the latest installment of shoebox_project.
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