surrealistic odes to lobster rolls (mordecai) wrote in metaquotes,
surrealistic odes to lobster rolls

mmm pasta!

ahli has just made a delicious bowl of pasta with some green stuff in it. Hilarity ensues.

oliveoyl: *covets*
ahli: *flings some in the general direction of Ohio*
oliveoyl: *watches as delicious pasta salad falls into Lake Erie for the walleye*
ahli: FAHAAHAHAHAH! I don't think there are any live fish in Lake Erie. I used to swim in it when I was little and ick. Ick.
oliveoyl: ME TOO OMG. There's always that one dead white thing that they say is a fish but is actually some evil gross thing straight from HELL.
ahli: And a seagull carcass or two on the beach.
oliveoyl: Ahahaha. At Lake Erie, there is always someone going on about how you can see Canada from our side and I was always like 'no, I cannot, I only see more water, you idiot' and now I realize that I was supposed to be staring at CANADIAN WATER and not searching for land like goddamn Ponce de Leon or something.
ahli: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Explorer!Zlot! omg circumnavigate me, baby ;)

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