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Oh the pain of being pretty

Cut for references to boobies:

WTF? "True destiny"? It's almost like her boobs were living a normal life, until one day they were kidnapped by a bunch of ninjas and taken to a secret HQ of the government and told they were really boobie princesses sent from a far-off galaxy and now they must protect the earth from invading aliens who, instead of just blowing up the planet from afar, will instead have a meeting with said princesses and discuss, in detail, their plans to destroy the earth. To which the boobie princesses will reply, "you fiends!" To which the aliens will laugh. To which the boobie princesses will wip out their magical boobie wands and tiaras, dance around, and use love and happiness to make the aliens realize the errors of their ways. And then they'll have a tea party.

wetcircuitry on CF in a post about Monica Bellucci wanting her breasts to fulfill their 'true destiny' or something.


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