Your Own Personal Jesus (moondog) wrote in metaquotes,
Your Own Personal Jesus

What cabari would do with a lesbian monkey (from here).

Man, I want a lesbian macaque. We'd sit around painting our toenails listening to Ani DiFranco together, and we could chainsmoke and check out the arses of all the pretty girls who walked by and rate them on a scale of 1 through 10. Then we'd go home and we'd watch Kissing Jessica Stein together and we'd agree that it was ridiculous, though we'd secretly both like it a lot, and then we'd go to bed, but not together, we're not like that, and we'd think about what a good day it was.

We'd protest the government together, and we'd march in pride parades (I'd probably have to carry her sometimes, because her legs are short), and we'd pick up chicks at dyke bars and she'd cry on my shoulder when it didn't work out. It'd all be okay in the end, though, because we'd always have each other, me and my lesbian macaque.

There's also lesbian bonobos but they just fuck anything, they're like trendy bisexuals who really want to settle down with a man, but they'll kiss chicks in the meantime. Me and my lesbian macaque would make fun of them over a pint of Ben & Jerry's.
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