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Deunk! I swear.

My dear friend, whymzycal, decides to update her LiveJournal using the Holiday Inn's lobby computer at three in the morning while not entirely sober:

Haha that was supposed to say drunk, but I am intoxicated and on a regular crap=ass keyboard. haha typos will stand as they amuse me in my current state.

Steff is here (she is looking mighty hot). she will post the postscript. Hahah celver lauguage pun -- though subtle.


Listy goodness:

1) Flabored vodka rules. in all its incarnations
2) vacuum cleaner sucks
3) am disctracted by said vacuum, cleaner. IgnorE comma. Is tupo. typo Goddamn it
4) Capslock is not very forgiving. Am displeased
5) qoo! and woo! drunk. A LOT.
5) Steff, while very intelligent and hot, cannot read minds. Am vaguely surprised. Really.
5) Five is the number of choice tonight. All comments from hereone are #5. Woo!
5) Peggy smells good.
5) she is also a cheap date. Woo@
5) My friends here and absent are all hot. I will dream of you and touch myself as I awaken. WOO!
5) 5 is not a very useful number when I am only falling back on it due to drunken logic.
5) HA! "Drunken logic!" that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one!

...Entire post can be found here.
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