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Two amusing quotes

From two very amusing people. First of all philomel talks about her new Lord of the Rings Coronation Gift Set:

I think he is confused as to why Arwen's dress has giant slits up either side (so near to her "special Elven place" as to be very dangerous in those Minas Tirith high-altitude winds), though I doubt he's really complaining. He probably also is wondering why Arwen is wearing bedroom slippers. Arwen is probably wondering why Eowyn's boobs are bigger than her own. And Eowyn's most likely wondering if the fact that Faramir's hands are as big as his head means what she thinks it means

Secondly, darkillusion is having pet problems:

One of our birds was discovered to be missing from the aviary this morning. We have located him stuck in a neighbours tree.

I kid you not, one of our birds is stranded in a tree and is too scared to get down. He's like the cat that climbs the tree and isn't brave enough to climb down. He is prancing about the branches, climbing up and down on the thin ends and trying to find a ladder down but cannot be convinced to fly down. There isn't anything wrong with his wings and he isn't physically stuck in the tree, he just will not fly down.

My bird is stuck in a tree. Oh the hilarity.

Both from locked posts, with permission.
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