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Clay Aiken Concert

My friend purplicious and I went to the concert a few nights ago. She's a HUGE fan and therefore her post about it was destined to be hillarious. A few of the highlights:

Cherie was our opening act. I suppose she wasn’t bad. I might have enjoyed her more if I hadn’t wanted to violently grab her and hurl her off the stage so Clay could come.

But then he said that the best dancer was going to get to come up on stage and dance with him. And be given a lei. So I ran out to the aisle where he could actually see my dancing, and began to Salsa! Haha, I knew all those Salsa lessons would be good for something! But then an evil security person told me I had to get out of the aisle. So I tried dancing more from my seat, but it was sad, because I knew there was no way he could really see me from there. Finally, Caroline was like, “Kate, stand on your chair!” And I said that I couldn’t possibly, because that really would be against the rules. But then I did it anyway. And I know he had to have seen me, because I was way taller than anyone around me. So. Clay has seen me. *squeeeee* Unfortunately, it’s hard to salsa on a chair, so my awesome dancing was not seen. And then another evil security person told me I had to get down. And then some other girl who was wearing a headband that made it look like she had antlers was chosen. Gosh, why didn’t I think of antlers to get noticed?

I got the autograph of and a picture with a guy who was up on stage talking to Clay. This is a guy that Clay touched. I touched a guy Clay touched. *dies*

Then came Invisible, which he encouraged us all to sing along to. Haha, that’s funny, Clay, did you really think my voice was in any shape for singing after all the screaming??
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