And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

D-fens (a coworker): SoMyWifeAndISawThisTransvestiteInCostco. We wondered which bathroom it used. I've seen one walk into a changing room and then all the women walked out. What would you do if a transvestite walked into a changing room that you were in?
Me: Honey, I was in the marching band. I've changed in front of 50 people on a bus. You just do what you have to do.

pootrootbeer: It's probably creepier to change in the presence of bandies than trannies, anyway. Especially if you're on the Tuba Bus.

midendian: As a former tuba section leader, I concur.
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