Alex (muskratalex) wrote in metaquotes,

Trampolines and sex

from parmandiriel: Another trampoline thief has struck. A trampoline has been stolen from "a business" says the police reports. And what this is leaving me wondering, is, what kind of business has a stealable trampoline? Perhaps a trampoline store? The city Trampoline Emporium? Or maybe just an office building with a stress-relieving bouncing toy in the backyard?

And, the comments...

muskratalex:How the hell do you steal a trampoline without nobody noticing you?
spear_maiden: Put it under your shirt.
parmandiriel: which is, of course, prompting far too many bad jokes for me to even start. ("Where is the trampoline?" "IN MY PANTS!")
spear_maiden: If there was a trampoline in one's pants, I would hate to think of how someone else would jump on such a trampoline... (Rol: Tila! There's a trampoline in your pants!
Tila: I know. Why don't you...)
parmandiriel: *facepalm* A trampoline in the pants. That is absolutely the worst invitation for sex. EVER.
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