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And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

"...can we go back to the POINT of this analogy?"

The following is a brief OOC conversation posted in the journal of a friend of mine. I'm not linking to the post in question for personal reasons. But the quote is genuine, it cracked me up (there's something "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern" about it, IMHO), I have permission to quote it, and no, it really has nothing to do with the game except for this general question: how much can a man take, anyway?

M!Jon: Think of it [this] way. You have two trees. One is flexible, able to bend. The other one is stiff. Both have the same girth, the same strong roots. In the event of a storm...which would break first?
M!Gale: Is there lightning?
M!Gale: About what speed is the wind going at?
M!Jon: ......that's not the point.
M!Gale: Is it raining or snowing? What about hail?
M!Jon: Neither, just a very strong wind
M!Gale: Which direction?
M!Jon: ........northwest
M!Gale: Is this a freak storm brought on by El Nino?
M!Jon: *glares* NO
M!Gale: Then the answer is obvious. Neither would break because the trees are in a valley and the windstorm passes right over them.
M!Jon: *glares harder* And what if they both are on a clear field? No valley, no protection, open to the fucking wind
M!Gale: Just two solitary trees in a field?
M!Jon: Next to another, facing the direction of where the wind comes from. Yes, just two solitary trees in a field.
M!Gale: In South Dakota?
M!Jon: In Ireland
M!Gale: Well then, no one would give a shit about whether the trees broke or not because they're all too busy having a drink.
M!Jon: The farmer would the next day
M!Gale: why would a farmer let trees grow in his farmland? Wouldn't he be using it for potatoes?
M!Jon: You don't need much space for potatoes. They are apple trees for fuck's sake. NOT carrying apples yet
M!Gale: Well, apple trees are very flexible and the farmer would most likely have them in an enclosure to protect them
M!Jon: One of them is a special apple tree. Not flexible. And because the farmer is dumb he's not protecting them
M!Gale: Well then, he's not a very successful farmer, then, is he?
M!Jon: That's not the fucking point!
M!Gale: Why doesn't he just stick to corn or wheat if he's not going to protect his trees? And how did they even grow to become full-grown trees if he didn't protect them?
M!Jon: .........can we go back to the POINT of this analogy?
M!Gale: Which is never grow trees in Ireland during a windstorm if you aren't going to protect them
M!Jon: ...and that the flexible tree wouldn't break
M!Gale: The fucker.
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