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world chess champion

Bad Things That Are Happening Right Now:

• Cramps. Are back. I hate my life.
• I joyfully see that jiffy_spiffy is online and double click to IM her and get this message: "jiffy_spiffy signed off at 3:36:10 AM." Because that's how much life hates me.
• I had six missed calls on my cellphone, which has accidently been on silent all night. Whoops >_<
• I keep dropping AppleJax. (AppleJacks? AppleJacx?)
• I have three e-mails in my inbox that I don't want to deal with because they are making me insecure and defensive and I don't like being that way.

Hm. That's a short list. Instead of being thankful that it's so short, I'm going to make up some other complaints so that people pity me.

• Uh... my house is on fire No, no, that's too close to being true too often. Uh, my house is on ICE. Yes.
• My dog was killed in a drive-by shooting yesterday. (Altho I suppose that's not a bad thing Happening Right Now.)
• My peg-leg has termites.
• Wishbone needs to have a leg amputated.
• My brother has small-pox.
• I think I left a Robert Frost compliation book at the time share in CA. (this is true and should go on the other list, but I'm too lazy to move the cursor.)
• My car was stolen by some hook-nosed, scary looking vandals in ski-masks.
• My pet frog has terminal cancer.
• My credit cards were all stolen by someone with a fetish for leather.
• I have an inoperable finger-nail tumor.
• Um... my chair is squeaky...
• Something dreadful happened to someone.
• Something dreadful... something ELSE dreadful happened to someone. Someone else. Yes.
• Saucepan
• Tin
• Milk
• Cupboard
• Smith.

There. Don't you pity me now? I certianly do. ::pities:: Poor me. ::plays violin:: Wait, I don't know how to play the violin.

• I can't play the violin.

There. Even better.

- pocky_slash
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