I'm not a real person, but I play one on LJ... (diannelamerc) wrote in metaquotes,
I'm not a real person, but I play one on LJ...

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"Part of this is due to the sheer proliferation of fanfic awards. In Buffy fandom alone, you can probably find a new award competition going on every other week. I've seen people whose stories are literally sagging under the weight of all their awards from rinky-dink fanfic sites (Award for Best Mile High Sex! With a Banana! Giles/Spike Category!)"
-- butterflykiki, in an otherwise serious rumination on fanfic here

And from the ever-quotable celli:
"My sister is currently lying on the floor, singing the Sesame Street theme to the cat, and vamping it up a bit.

Never let it be said that weirdness doesn't run in my family."
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