aweszomerth (sinsense) wrote in metaquotes,

From (who else?) apocalypsos, in a Q&A review of Pirates of the Carribbean. Cut for minor language and general tomfoolery.

How cool is Elizabeth?

She's so very, very cool, she uses the slang word "okay" waaaaay before it was in common usage. Dude, Elizabeth is the shit.

And I'll bet she's really smart, too, huh?

The woman is perfect, I tell you! She has perfect long nails after a sea battle! She knows sailing better than pirates! She recognizes corsets for the foul things they are! She holds her liquor better than Jack Sparrow!

So, is she a Mary Sue?

Er ... uh ... she can multiply complex numbers in her head! The actress who played her only wore sunscreen and lip gloss as her makeup regime during filming! She can fly and shoot laser beams out of her eyes, damn it!

Ah. Big Mary Sue, then.

Laser beams, bee-yotch. LASER. BEAMS.
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