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From kateisozzy

See, being that my brother and I spend most of the day holed up in our rooms in front of the Shiny Magic Boxen, my dad has come up with a more efficient means of communicating with us (instead of standing at the bottom of the stairs and screaming). Here is an amusing by-product of such communications:

Kate's Dad: runt must go out
Kate's Dad: now
Kate: I'm sorry. The person you have IMed is unavailable at this time. Your message will be redirected to the lazy ass down the hall. Please hold.
(this is where I scream over to my brother that Daisy needs to go potty)
Kate's Dad: Don't I get any music while on hold?
Kate wants to send file Butt_Sex.mp3.
Kate's Dad received C:\Documents and Settings\RT\My Documents\...\Butt_Sex.mp3
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