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When late night inspiration strikes...

We start in the middle of things...

MGriff8645: sorry...I guess I should have added 'bad puns' to my interests list...
MugglebornSquib: I should say so.
MGriff8645: So, you're the only one in the bibliosexual community?
MugglebornSquib: It seems that way.
MugglebornSquib: But then again, it's not as if we go looking for companionship. It's not the 'done thing' to share partners, even if you've never read the book before.
MGriff8645: Hmmm...interesting, I'm not quite sure what that's all about...I figured it was people who kinda "just 'get off' on books"...is there something more I should know about?
MugglebornSquib: Well, let me see if I can find the link that started it all. ^_^
MGriff8645: Alrighty
MGriff8645: I went ahead and joined, nonetheless, because it sounds neat...
MugglebornSquib: http://www.livejournal.com/users/foreverdirt/129006.html
MGriff8645: Heh...I see now, I wonder what would be made of my habit of reading in the tub? I know I'm not the only one there...
MugglebornSquib: Maybe you ought to invest in a Jacuzzi.
MGriff8645: Yes and no...Yes, because I just love them so; No, because there's a good chance of getting the pages wet...
MugglebornSquib: Yeah. That's where you buy two copies of a book -- one for the bath.
MGriff8645: Maybe we need to start a specialty publishing service...one that prints on asbestos pages for the likes of you and the rapidreaders LJ community (which I meant to point out to you the other day...) and one that prints on plastic pages for tub readers...
MGriff8645: rapid tub readers need only to dunk a book that spontaneously combusts into the drink...
MugglebornSquib: I like it.
MGriff8645: I think there's a market out there...
MugglebornSquib: Well, you'd have to make the books rather cheap, or you'd be spending a lot on a book that self-destructs if you spill your drink on it.
MGriff8645: hmmm...for spy-novels! Of course! It's not a bug, it's a FEATURE!!
MugglebornSquib: *snerk*
MGriff8645: I'm seriously thinking of metaquoting this...
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