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Very obvious.

wemblee has been a bit disgruntled about the De-Lovely posters depicting Cole Porter dancing with his wife.

It's 2004! It's 200-and-fucking-4! Queer Eye For The Straight Guy! Boy Meets Boy! The L-Word! Queer As Folk! Six Feet Under! And you have to have Cole-fucking-Porter going, "Oh, Ashley Judd, let me sweep you up into my heterosexual arms"?!</i>

Another of her friends and I explained to her that the movie is supposed to be about Cole's relationship with his wife.

princesskraehe: And I really think the point of the movie is his relationship with his wife -- you really do have to talk about the homosexual undertones in that (since she knew before she married him), but the point of the movie isn't OMGCOLEPORTERISGAY.
wemblee: Good, because "OMGCOLEPORTERISGAY" is the movie I'm working on as we speak. Hush-hush, y'know. I run ObviousAsHell Productions.
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