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the ever quotable halowrites -
anyway. i got mail from the Doubleday bookclub today. (this entry just keeps on amping up the thrill-a-minute stuff, doesn't it? you're welcome), and in the brochure was a blurb all about a book called Sensational Sex. dude-- not only is it packed with (and i quote) "over 70 sizzling, x-rated photos of the most raunchy and exciting sex positions ever"-- it also comes with 3-D glasses! yes, that's right...30 of the 70 photos are in 3-D! i dunno about you, but i'm positively quivering in my undies (or would be, if i were in fact wearing any) at the prospect of seeing nekkid pink bits leaping out at me in the orgasmic splendor that is the wonder of 3-D! i'm so very tempted to buy it, just for the cheesiness factor alone.

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