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makes me giggle.

you should read this by lestat_manson. here's a good part (it's a phone conversation):

"Do you eat?"

"I've been eating for you."

You're sarcastic, and he knows, and you know, and probably the government knows, if what Chris tells you is true and they actually tap the phonelines to look for enemy spies that get into the country without Greencards.

"Why are you being like this? I hate when you get like this."

"I hate when you get me like this."

"I called my friend to make sure he was okay. I can see how it's horrible. I should be shot for putting you through this Hell."

Now he's sarcastic, and you hope that the government guy is taking really good notes, cause in a few years, you'll probably be one of those guys that straps himself full of dynamite and blows up public buses for kicks. They should get you now, before you learn how to make the powder stuff.

and so forth.
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