Drunken bunny panic (kassandra05) wrote in metaquotes,
Drunken bunny panic

From the listmaker, aimlesscoyote

Today's list is:
    Signs You Might Be Paranoid.
  1. This list is about you.
  2. No, seriously, I made this list just to freak you out.
  3. The government isn't actually going through your mail. It's Interpol... get it right!
  4. You suspect someone paid me to make this list about you.
  5. You paid me to take this list off.
  6. I laughed and said you were paranoid.
  7. ...But I took the money anyway.
  8. You're at the end of this list, and you're still pretty damn sure it's about you.
  9. My reply of "it's not" makes you furious. LIAR!
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