Charabok (charabok) wrote in metaquotes,

The lovely and charming lovelyzelda on badly written cartoon crossovers:

Pretty Hologram Sailor Jem!

"Jerrica! A giant monster is attacking downtown...whatever the hell city this is!"

"I bet the Misfits are behind this!"

"Not now...I'm trying to decide if I should tell Rio that I'm not only Jem, but also Pretty Hologram Sailor Jem, Jem's alter ego...and I think I'm falling in love with Tuxedo Hologram..." said Jem unhappy voices.

"It's not fair!!!!" scream Kimber. "Why do you have secret identities on top of secret identites? The Holograms and the Sailor Holograms are all about Jem!" Kimber run out of room, throw self on bed, cry and cry and cry.
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