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It's a twofer!

How to make $100 million almost overnight:

Bush twins + Olsen Twins + Webcam

At least they've always been slow to figure out the 'Net



i just cleaned out 3 velvet throw pillows, a turkish bolster with stars on it, a silver velvet star pillow, the silk patchwork pillow liz gave me made out of the miniskirt she and i both have, my technacolor knitted trow that i loove to snuggle with at cons, my fairy wings, some school books, 4 sketchbooks with various sewing info in them, a tutu, two wigs, my rennaisance feather fan, a box of chicken feathers and sparkly pipe cleaners, 4 akon 15 posters, my bunny, my flower garland, a box of jelly bracelets, a sewing emergency kit, a melted bag of stage makeup,a christmas afgan, and some stripey polar fleece

damien's right, i do have a theater department in my car.

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