Twatever (jillybinks) wrote in metaquotes,


We interrupt this news coverage to bring you a special notice: New carb-free, tastes-like-ass pasta is available at your local supermarket! Go, buy this foul shit, and while you are at it, pick up some ground beef.

So bloody sick of the low-carb phase. Every fucking commercial on television is for low-carb fast food (yeah, this'll look brilliant in 10 years when people are dropping like flies due to the health problems that excess red meat consumption causes), low-carb yogurt, low-carb soda. I'm convinced that the Atkins diet is a plot by the meat industry, and that Dr. Atkins himself was a sneaky robot controlled by the Chairman of Stuffing Your Face With Pork.

You know that weird kid you used to carpool with that took the meat off his burger bun and ate it while making grunting noises? Isn't it just a little freaky that we're an entire nation of that weird kid?

From bubonicplague in a post here.
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