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Demented people talking...

Chat quotes taken from the Journal of drakstern (I hope I did the cut correctly there. )

2:18am…Insanity! And porn. But mostly insanity!

Dwee-ouki: now if you rip him in half and then stabbed hime with M*, then we could sell it to several adult websites.
Drakstern: 'Dismemberment fellatio!'
* Dwee-ouki is still scared that there is some child out there with K's genes.
Drakstern: Do I smell trend?
* Dwee-ouki laughs
Dwee-ouki: The Jewish porn?
Drakstern: Nah, they don't eat the meat unless it's kosher.
Drakstern: ...
* Dwee-ouki laughs!
Drakstern: I can't believe I just said that.

Drakstern: THAT, was thunder.
* Dwee-ouki blinks
Dwee-ouki: get thee off, then
Drakstern: Dwee: But I don't have any porn.
Drakstern: Wait, you meant off the net.
Drakstern: Ummm...
* Drakstern erases his first comment.
* Dwee-ouki hurts Drak

*names changed to protect the idiots.
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