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copperbadge's is the place to be for the funny, it seems.

over here, majrgenrl8 comments: When you go to Philly, remember--the mafia makes the best pizza.

and darketherdream replies: aw. I wish we had Mafia in Australia. No one makes good Pizza here.

majrgenrl8: See what you do is you find the pizza place that seems to change ownership every year, never advertizes, keeps kind of dark, and still stays in business.

New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia are full of them.

But I will agree with you, having traveled, you really can't get great pizza out of the Tri-state area. Not even in Italy. Must be the mob. Every one has to work harder to catch up with the brilliance of their pizza.

darketherdream: Yes, but then that would mean that half the pizza-making world would have to turn to crime and dark deeds.
I suppose that widespread lawlessness is a fair swap for good pizza.
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