bill (notyourbroom) wrote in metaquotes,

Quoted with permission from a friendlocked entry. They lose some of their effect when taken out of context, but I think they're capable of standing more or less alone.

takhisis, mentally responding to certain parts of a rather caustic email:

[complainer:] "I have already discussed this with experts in the field."

[takhisis:] And I'm sure they were just thrilled. Don't get invited back to many cocktail parties, do ya, sport?


[complainer:] "I do not want to hear from some slick, smiling damage control officer or a superficial consumer relations dancing bear."

[takhisis:] And I do not want to hear from some pompous, melodramatic, self-important fuckwit with a conspiracy obsession. I guess we both lose today.

A dancing bear, am I? Golly, must've misplaced my tutu. I'm more than happy to provide the teeth and claws bit, though.
names in square brackets added for clarification.
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