Allison Lonsdale (caprine) wrote in metaquotes,
Allison Lonsdale

from the Big Bumper Book of Demon Summoning

This post by warchio is delightful:

Do you know what I always thought would be record-breakingly cool?

If some tragic, teenage, black shirt wearing and apathetic personality possessing Satanist actually managed to summon Lucifer up from the depths of the hell.

Ok, admittedly, in biblical terms it might not be so cool what with the likely result of Lucifer laughing at the pentagram copied out of the Big Bumper Book of Demon Summoning, kicking the wannabe-satanist in the face with an effluvium dripping hoof and then sodding off to rain brimstone and hellfire down on everyone as he brought about the Apocalypse.

Still...can't you just see the kid's face? (oh and of course the stain on his pants)

Kid - Jesus CHRIST!

Lucifer - *pained look* do you mind? Rather a sore topic there.

It continues here, and keeps getting funnier.
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