Flea Rosca (mojoflea) wrote in metaquotes,
Flea Rosca


This is what happens when you employ aunties who speak bad English.

*overheard at a MacDonald's restaurant*

Cashier: "Gooduh evening Sir. What can I get you?"
Man: "One McChicken meal please."
Cashier: "You want to upsize your cock?"
Man: *looks at cashier flabbergasted* "Excuse me?"
Cashier(in an impatient tone): "Upsize your cock. 50 cent to upsize your cock."(points from one picture of a regular drink to another of a large drink)
Man: "Oh. Uh, no thanks."
Cashier: "That will be 4.50, please."
Man: "Oh, add one more regular flench flies."
Cashier: "Coming right up."

-- froufrou
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