Marian's Musings (msanborn) wrote in metaquotes,
Marian's Musings


from the lj of photosexual

trouble with food

The instructions on the can of bean dip I bought with my chips said "refrigerate after opening" so I did.

pulled the lid off, put it in the refrigerator, and I really want to have some with the chips, but It seems I'm gonna have to stand in the doorway of the open refrigerator and dip chips in it from there. What a waste of electricity and time! I may have to move the television and computer near so I can snack and enjoy some visual entertainment until the strippers show up that I rented.

I'm thinking of writing to the manufacturer of the bean dip, and asking if it's ok if maybe I can eat some and THEN refrigerate it after I'm done - so it won't go bad between servings. I think if that were ok, or the intended use, they'd have put that on the can where I could see it. They didn't.

So I'm writing this, and dashing back and forth to the fridge to have some chips with bean dip.

I'm not going to do this again if it's that complicated.
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