mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose (snacky) wrote in metaquotes,
mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose

There were *books*?

You know, you can see the POA movie without having read the books, thanks to your friendslist. vonnie_k explains:

Soooo, first off, I *still* haven’t' read the books. (Oh, shut up.) But I, like, totally know the story already! Harry and Draco have the whole Buffy/Spike thing going on, Snape is secretly lusting after Harry when he's not lusting after Hermione, all the Weasleys are shagging like a pack of incestuous bunnies on crack, and Remus and Sirius are going at it while they're human *and* while they are dogs. Or wolves. Whatever. See? I know ALL!

Full review here.
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