Katie (ktnb) wrote in metaquotes,

From slodwick, in this post:

I just finished watching a movie loaned to me by Crush!Girl, called Equilibrium.

The movie stars Sean Bean, Angus MacFadyen & Taye Diggs, all of whom make me very happy... but it also stars Christian Bale as the "hero" of the piece.

I'm sorry to say this, and believe me, I've tried to fight it, but... that man will never, ever seem anything but 100%, certifiably batshit insane (if you'll forgive the pun) to me. I don't care what the role is, something about him and his on-screen presence just screams "mental defect".

I half-expect that in the upcoming film, Batman will pull a chainsaw out of his desk drawer and go choptastic on some stylish Gotham socialite, leaving poor Alfred scrub the blood out of the Persian rug.

It's just so unsettling, because while I do enjoy a Bats who's a little nutty, there is a line, you know? That line between brooding, introspective darkness, and a desire to feed the corner ATM a kitten or two.

Mr. Bale, my friend, crosses that line.
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