Deza (deza) wrote in metaquotes,

From voltbang, located here.

When Gawd came down to the mountain and gave LJ unto Moses, he said unto him "and they shall whine in their LJs, for that is a right I have given unto them. And lo, none shall bitch at them for whining in their own journals, lest I smite them mightily." and Moses heard him, and that night when Moses was alone in his tent, Moses composed a long whiney rant about gods who ramble on and on, and he posted it, unto his journal.


And then G-d misunderstood, thought Moses was a total whiney beyoch, and smote him anyway, even though he was the one who told him to do so.


And then the pharisees posted long flames unto moses, and set the fire of scorn upon him. So it came to be that moses unfriended many of them. But lo, a storm of shit had been loosed upon the peoples, and it was not contained merely in the journals of moses, but it spread to other journals, and lo, even unto to the communities.

(I keep being tempted to lj-user names, but there is a moses on lj, and I'd bet the other ones I want to use are taken too, and I'm too lazy to check)

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