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I don't get it either

xochiquetzl is confused by people who ask permission to link to her website:
See, back in the olden days, we used to have to use tin cans and string to post online and would have to push the electrons uphill both ways--manually!--and you just linked to stuff and if people didn't like it, you told them to bite you because it's YOUR page and you'll link to anything you damn well please, and maybe you'd insult their parentage and use some four letter words while you were at it. ;) Okay, sometimes if you felt benevolent, you'd decide you didn't want to link to their stinky page anyway because they're obviously poopyheads, but only if you were really, really nice. ;) In fact, a personal webpage just wasn't a personal webpage without the obligatory links page. And generally, when you linked to someone, people were flattered that you thought their page was cool enough to link. So when I see a page with some really aggressive, "You may not link to this page unless you grovel at my feet and give me cash, and if I catch you I will hunt you down and demand you remove your link and all civilized net.society will scorn you forever, heathen!!!" I wonder what the fuck is up with that and who whizzed in that newbie's cornflakes this morning. ;)
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