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¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤

In response to this...

jusheureux: I watched the second half of that Helen Of Troy miniseries this afternoon, and I have to say, it's very hard to take a story seriously when, every time you look at Menelaus, you see the gay '80s One Hit Wonder from Bridget Jones and a weird resemblance to the guy who fucked Hugo Weaving in Bedrooms & Hallways.

...this was said...

mordecai: AHAHAHA. I think he's adorable, dammit.
bnh: I agree with her. But I think this all comes down to one question: Can gay men be attracted to Helen? o.o
wildlikecurt: I didn't see it, but I feel the need to comment so I'll do so with immature shit. Helen has a dick.
oliveoyl: A big one, at that. She is the daughter of Zeus.
wildlikecurt: At least one person agrees with me.

...and this...

mordecai: I think Odysseus dumped Menelaus right before they went to talk to Priam and that whole "SHE IS MY WIFE" outburst was just a big fat "omg Odysseus DO NOT LEAVE ME!!! TE AMO MY SLUT OF ITHACA!!!!"

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