Warning: Runs with Scissors (fallofrain) wrote in metaquotes,
Warning: Runs with Scissors

Smoking is bad, we know, mmmkay?

In regards to telling people to quit smoking, especially celebrities, surreality weighed in on the subject:

Y'know, I can't even begin. This makes me want to kick people in the face on oh so many levels.

First, look. People know. It's not a secret. Smoking is bad for you. I smoke, I know it's bad for me. This is not a cataclysmic, "OH MAH GAWD! I so totally never knew! Wah! Sweet mercies, someone catch me, I feel a hint o' the vapors comin' on!" experience every time someone deludes themselves into believing they are enlightening me on this topic.

Everything can be bad for you, but that doesn't make people stop doing everything. Sweet skittering fuck, go after the extreme sports people first, ok?

These people get the reverse <3 (internet heart), or "the asshat": 3>

Truly. Now, that generic rant aside, I just have to... breathe, here. Since when did we think we were entitled to preach to people like this? Really now. Since when did it become acceptable to tell people how to live their personal lives? Expressions of care, fine, we get it, but this is way beyond that. I've seen crap like this for normal folks, too, not just celebrities. We already think we own our celebrities to the extent that they're not entitled to anything even remotely resembling a private life, which is in itself unbelievably disgusting, but c'mon, not even allowed to make personal decisions for themselves, now? What the shit is this?

These people have such an amazing overestimation of the cosmic importance of their opinions and the weight they should carry than I think I've seen in one hell of a long time. Utterly nauseating.

Taken from a locked post, with permission.

Edit: For reference, this quote is in reference to elijahsmokeout. It has nothing to do with PSAs or anything of the like.
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