spiritof76 (spiritof1976) wrote in metaquotes,

The bollockstoblair community is joined by tommy_toxen a British National Party-supporting dimwit, who, among other things, believes that Tony Blair is a communist. Tommy is on a mission to rid the world of "left-winged" people. His mission is not helped by the fact that he's so dumb that he managed to misspell the word "toxin" in his own username.

Tommy gives us a classic quote during this thread, in which he explains that, if there were to be a September 11th-style attack on the Houses of Parliament, the headlines should read "Plane flies into THE Big Ben", and not "Plane flies into Big Ben."

Plane flies into Big Ben

That's just stupid, makes it look like i mean flying into a big person called ben

Hence 'THE'

Bloody communists these days

How do these people get jobs?
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