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Birth control issues

My first post.

There is a birth control commerical that uses the overplayed until it hurts song, "There She Goes," once made popular by the La's [...] this is a birth control pill commercial, so using a song which states, "There she goes, there she goes again..." what do they mean? There she goes having sex? There she goes being a trollop? There she goes but isn't using a protective barrier? There she goes to fornicate with chickens? This commerical boggles my mind. Somewhere, someone ok-ed this. Someone knows this is a fool-proof way to sell mountains of birth control pills and pushed their idea until it became a sad reality.

Many commercials change the words, this one could too:
"there she goes...there she goes again
playing sexy games
and she just can't retain
the semen that remains"

Voice over: "Because she uses the new highly approved Baby Be Gone wonderdrug for not take if you have stomach pain, headaches, legs, diabetes, a pet dog, three ovaries or any health problems what so ever...or if you want to have kids, sometime in your lifetime..."

from theunicursalhex
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