Once beautiful and brave (tamnonlinear) wrote in metaquotes,
Once beautiful and brave

Weird things happen in song

I know it's bad manners to pimp yourself, but please just slap the big feathered purple hat on my head, because This Thread is just too much fun to keep to myself.

Sample: In a discussion of mangled lyrics and such, medievalist mentions the following alteration made to a classic children's story:

My spouse has for ever tainted the children's book Good Night Moon:

Goodnight Sun Goodnight Moon
Goodnight junkie, heating his spoon.

She has ruined several people's memories.

and slicegirl shares the lyrics she came up with when he mother suggested playing "Sheep may safely graze" at her wedding, where there's a lamb dish at dinner:

Sheep may safely graze until I
eat them and they are quite tasty
Baaa! Baaa! Please don't eat us!
Baaa! We're really cute but (rest)
It is too late you're on my plate!
It is too late you're on my plate!

I adore my friends.
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