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Anyway... Conquer is now sending his disciples out for various errands. Wind and Frost is to find Mud Buddha because Conquer is stoopid and still couldn't crack the magic puzzle box code. To do this, they must find the Fire Monkey. If this is starting to stink of RPG games, welcome to the world of wuxia comics, of which this movie is adapted from. This still doesn't explain the screencap, does it. :D

For Cloud - to take the Unchallenged Sword, from the Unchallenged Clan in Unchallenged City. Which by the way, boast the best Unchallenged Kuey Teow and Unchallenged Soda, and the tallest Unchallenged Tower in the (Unchallenged) world. Cloud says, sure, I'll take the sword. Conquer tsked, and said, take the sword AND kill the (Unchallenged) guy. Man, this hobby kills so many people.
serabut, from the second part of her Storm Riders recap. Now with more screencaps than ever! :D

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