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Remember all those Fanficrants about what your Avatar OC wasn't allowed to bend?

joe_pwnz_pete's warning about headcanons and assumption brought back such memories:

People are salty that they made assumptions about the show based on "Well, we've never SEEN this PARTICULAR THING happen" as though that somehow discounts anything that might make sense from a storytelling perspective and may not specifically been revealed because THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN TOO FUCKING EASY.

Context discusses a recent Steven Universe 500-foot Spoilerzilla.
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rinue on feminism

And why it's okay to worry about feminist issues here in the US as well as in other places:

"Why are you writing to your elected representative instead of seeking to overthrow a foreign government from your living room" is a question that I feel answers itself.

Taken from this comment to an entry by spacefem.
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In defense of free-range reading: the demands of a "cushy job".

hazelnut96's credentials as a school librarian:

I am a professionally certified teacher. I passed all required tests.
I possess 2 college degrees, a Bachelors in English, a Masters in Library Science and Information Studies. I got these certifications and degrees by reading what I was REQUIRED to read and to study, so I could pass the tests.

I am a professional reader, by choice. (I'm not kidding--BY CHOICE--there are many Media Specialists who don't read ANYTHING.)
I will read 3 picture books, 2 juvenile chapter books, 1 or 2 young adult books, an adult-level book,ALL in the span of 10 days or so.

I can read Dr. Seuss rhymes to Pablo Neruda in his native Spanish. I can decipher Chaucer and Dante. I can allude historical times and personages to Don McLean's "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie." I can recite Shel Silverstein's "Dreadful" poem from heart. I can tell you why Miss Nelson is Missing.

I can do all of the above because I was allowed to read whatever I wanted, when I wanted. I can do all the above because I had a librarian, a Media Specialist who encouraged my explorations, who deterred my lazier choices, and always always always advocated for choosing books according to personal choices. I can do the above because I had a Media Specialist who taught me how to read, critique and understand what I read.

And that's what I want to imbue to children. Freedom to read, freedom to think, freedom to choose.

The context is a glorious manifesto well worth reading in full.
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ladyofastolat on smitten apples

Shopping for apples today, I saw a shelf label that read "Smitten apples." None of the nearby apples declared themselves smitten on their sticky labels. Could I identify them by behaviour? Were any apples sighing sadly for the nearby pears? Were they saying to a Granny Smith that she was the apple of their eye? Every apple sat resolutely still, none of them showing any sign of pining.

Go read the whole thing!
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novembersnow on the subject of OCTOBER snow:

Me: Look at this! SNOWFLAKES for the next two days!!!! :((((((

Coworker: Uggghhh. They should have little faces on them. Angry faces. Because they're evil snowflakes.


Coworker: Nooooo, some snow is good! Like when there's enough that you can go skiing. Those are happy snowflakes!


Context is brisk, with a chance of flurries.