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"omg, wtfucketh?!?" is so getting put on an icon at some point.

Lol, can I use it when it is??


*goes off to find screencaps from Elizabethan era movies*

Couple of different fonts

And since the wankage was Shakespeare related, I'm going with a Shakespeare in Love icon.

If anyone wants to use them, I just want credit in keywords and a comment saying you're taking them.

Re: Couple of different fonts

Taking #1. Brilliant.

Re: Couple of different fonts

Taking #3

Re: Couple of different fonts

Credit me in your keywords.

Re: Couple of different fonts

Guh. Knew I forget something. *adds*

Re: Couple of different fonts

These are brilliant! Any chance of making them with a "v"

*points to own inspired sloopy icon made on the fly*

Re: Couple of different fonts

Taking the first and third one for later use. I'll credit, and love you forever.

Re: Couple of different fonts

**cries because they're not showing up on her computer**

Re: Couple of different fonts

Try accessing them through my photobucket account

Re: Couple of different fonts

They work on my home computer!! ^^ Stealing number 4.

Re: Couple of different fonts

I'm taking #4, those are awesome. :)

Re: Couple of different fonts

brilliant. yes. (borrowed one, as you might see.)

Re: Couple of different fonts

Thank you for creating these; I have taken #1. (Pointed here by, gods, was it
  • where I started?)

  • Your wish is my command. XD

    That's beautiful. I love the internet. :)

    This time with Percy, from Blackadder II.

    Percy! <3 May I use? I shall credit you and everything.

    Feel free. :)

    (goes for anyone else, too.)

    *dies laughing* Brilliant?

    Is it ok if I take this one? (Will credit you.)

    (Don't ask me how I got a question mark there. It was meant to be an exclamation mark. *slaps self*)

    cheers. ^_^

    I hope you don't mind, but I've swiped this one too. Life as a renrat would simply be unlivable if I didn't have this icon!

    Oh my gawd. I've felt that way so many times the last few months. (Comes from writing a book on Shakespeare's works.) I would very much like to use that icon. If I credit you, is that okay?

    Go for it, everyone's welcome! ^^

    We have the same base picture! XD


    That was my first thought when I read that too *L*

    And one from me. Want, take, have. :)

    So fucking true. God, I needed that.

    That made me very happy. THank you.

    ::laughing hysterically::

    Yeah, okay. I'll have to get on the WTFucketh bandwagon...

    *howling hysterics*

    Oh dear. Yeah. *thefts*

    what the shiteth is this?

    save my brain from the splooge. I CANNOT ESCAPE.

    everywhere on lj... I SEE THIS CHAT. AND IT GETTING WANKY AND

    someone needed to say that.

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd.... this wank = reason number #242 why I just shouldn't go to sleep. *sigh* I miss out on all the fun.

    On the other hand, then I get to read masterpieces like this! :D

    *wipes eyes* Brilliant!


    This post, along with the other icons has inspired mine own...

    *dead* That's the funniest thing I've heard/read all day. Thank you.

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