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If it weren't for ursulav I'd never have anything to post here.
Red Dwarf, eww, that's so wrong, wtf
cmzero wrote in metaquotes
This time, she's reporting a very awkward conversation she had with the hotel front desk, who was forewarned:

ME: Hi! We are about to have a very awkward conversation!


ME: Are you ready?

HOTEL: I'm ready!

ME: Are you braced?

HOTEL: Let's do this!

ME: The couple in the room next to me is having incredibly loud sex.

HOTEL: Oh sweet baby Jesus.

The context is enthusiastic!

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*laugh* When I checked that post she hadn't added that, so thanks for posting it here!

The entire post was even more fun! I may just have to friend her.

Thank you for introducing me to UrsulaV.  Thank you so much

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