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On this episode of Mythbusters: Do geeks make better boyfriends?
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mandydax wrote in metaquotes
damncutekitty busts the top six myths:

Myth #1: Shy + nerdy= Nice
Nice guys come in all shapes and sizes. They come from all races, backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. There is no magical equation for nice. It's just something in a person's nature. Being shy does not automatically make a person nice anymore than being confident makes them a jerk.

Myth #2: Geeks are more romantic
This one is laughable at best. I've dated a lot of geeky guys, and none of them were particularly romantic. The most romantic lover I've ever had was a "jock".

Myth #3: Geeks are low maintenance
Supposedly geek guys make great boyfriends because they can subsist on pizza, Mt Dew, and your affection. Just wait until you meet one who will ONLY eat pizza and maybe 3-4 other foods, like some sort of overgrown five year old. It took me nearly a decade to get my computer programmer ex husband to eat salad. My Star Wars obsessed ex boyfriend could not be taken to nice restaurants because he refused to wear anything except ripped jeans and nerdy tees and would not eat anything he could not pronounce. LOW MAINTENANCE MY ASS.

Context will test whether geeks cheat, make better lovers, and appreciate women after this commercial break. (SPOILER: They do, don't, and don't.)

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I mean, seriously. Pop Quiz.
"My husband had terrible eating habits."

Which of these is the response of a Crazy Person?

1. "Wow, that would make dining stressful, as well as be detrimental to his health and appearance over time."

2. "OMG you bitchwhore how dare you not want your husband to stuff his face with cheetos every day! Tyranny!"

Sadly, that's not a reasonable inference from the way she said it. And even if she meant to say 'healthy foods' instead of salads, she's still not his mother, and should have dropped the issue. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action, again and again, expecting a different outcome.

Wow... you really have an issue with salad.

No, just with controlling harpies.

Well, I have been told I'm full of spit and vinegar.

Mod note- no name calling. It's still in the rules.

Grumble grumble.

Please don't ban her. She loves ponies and more importantly used the correct form of "you're." Do you know how rare that is on the internet? ;)

But seriously, ad hom bad. >:[

MQ is still on a three strikes rule, she's fine. I'm still waiting for ad fem to be addressed.

(And it's not that rare. But I know what you're talking about!)

(Also, I am helpless before the ponies.)

You can infer that from ONE statement? About someone's refusal to eat salad?

Wow. Just... wow.

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