LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Personally, I'm a fan of excited utterances...

Yeah, I'd have gone with dying declaration myself. I mean, if we mean the best-known.

True...though admittedly, that's always seemed a bit open to abuse by agnostic/athiest pranksters.

The definition of "ancient documents" kind of amuses me.

I love your icon! Is it gackable?

Sure, why not. No credit req'd.

That's fantastic, I love Sue, thanks!

Also echoing Icon luff (though the quote is good) and requesting permission to gank.

I've been wanting a Glee icon! This is awesome! Snagged it. Thanks. :^)

I also request permission to gank and use the above icon. It's absolutely my favorite Sue quote.

Sure, why not?

AAAH ICON. That is possibly my favorite Sue quote EVER. :D

Incidentally, that XKCD is glorious.

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