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Wow, that took a heck of a left turn in the last paragraph.

All hail the Bowie Area!

o_o the unexpected ending makes it all worthwhile.

Hate to say it but there was NOTHING innocent in that movie.

Not even Toby.

Yeah. I said it. Not even Toby.

Have you seen how hot he grew up to be?! It's ridiculous.

it can reach out and completely burn your virginity from the fabric of space and time

*cackles and chews own bicep*


My local grocery store sells cheap DVDs, and they have Labyrinth in the "Children's Movies" section on the bottom kid-accessible shelf. Right next to Corpse Bride.

I suspect whoever stocks that section has seen neither of them.

I would suspect so as well, because I've SEEN "Corpse Bride". And loved it to ittybitty pieces. :-D

And it isn't a children's movie. Not to my mind anyway.

The person who put it there probably would stick "ANTZ" there too, even though that is SO not a kid's movie. Nope. Not even close.

Am I the only one who saw the link and heard the nuns from The Sound of Music singing "How do you solve a problem like a virgin?"

("A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!" indeed.)

Most disturbing icon/comment pairing ever. O_O

Warning - not very funny

(I really hope it won't sound like an "unhumorous whining". I understand that "solution" is more or less tongue-in-cheek. I apologise to Sarolinne, askerian and moderators for making it a Srz Bzns.)

I never cared about this thing called "virginity". Never understood why people are so bent on precerving it by any means (unless they're asexual, but then this has nothing to do with "virginity" by itself) or losing it as soon as possible - but I don't doubt that it's their right. And, well, if they are *really* want to lose it - it's their right to decide for themselves who or what is going to "de-virginize" them.
And here's my problem with Sarolinne's "solution".

I've seen The Labyrint a million times, but paid no attention to "Area" whatsoever until I got to the internet and found out that some people are swooning over Jareth's crotch. Okay, so he has penis. It happens. Even with fantasy creatures. Why should I care?
"Area" has no power over me. Sorry.
And I'm not asexual - just not "penis-sexual". I'm even Bowie's fan. And Jareth's fan - just not his crotch's fan... It dooes nothing to me.
*And it certainly didn't take away that thing/concept I couldn't care less about*.
If anyone wants to be metaphorically deflowered by Jareth - I'm cool with that (as long as I don't have to read their suefics). But for me, "If you have seen Labyrinth, then you are not a virgin" and "his Area became super powered, and devirginized the entire world" sounds more like a threat than a "resolution to angst" that author intended. Because we don't talk about breaking your hymen by falling from horse or something like that. It's all about The Memetic Cock. All of the other animal...
"The entire world" didn't give its consent. I can't help being squicked. I'm sorry.

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The man who fell to earth.................... UN CODPIECED AREA.


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She pretty much said the same thing. XD Something about 60% of people losing their virginity by watching David Bowie.

What if you've watched Labyrinth and the second season of the Venture Bros.?

Sweet. Now I don't have to bitch about being 21 and the only one of my friends who is still a virgin. Thanks, David Bowie!


And I love that movie. Lots.
Enough that when I made a collage for the front of my knitting binder, I included a picutre of Jareth and Sarah staring lovingly into each other's eyes..cut into a heart shape.

</small>Of course, on the back there is also a picture of Vincent from Beauty and the Beast with the word 'scruffy' over it.</small>

Metaquotes: It's all about the Bowiepants. (When it's not about, er, bees.)

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We need a movie with both David Bowie and Tim Curry.

The world needs a movie with both David Bowie and Tim Curry.

anyone else lose their virginity at the rocky horror picture show?

I'm just here to use this icon.

Featured on TV Tropes! =D

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