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t3h_toby_chan wrote in metaquotes
brownie_utonium  explaining why Adam is a whiny gullible slacker.
  • God, I'm bored, make me someone to play with! ...God, Lilith ran away because I wouldn't let her be on top!! Make me ANOTHER ONE who does what I say! ....Oh, what's that Eve? You want me to eat this apple? You mean the one God specifically told me not to eat? Oh, ok. ....WAAAH GOD LOOK WHAT EVE DID. SHE MADE ME EAT THE APPLEEEE

discusses philosophical animoo.

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I had that feeling the *one* time I got meta-quoted, too. Don't worry, though. It's appropriately fleeting and capricious.

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I have that one saved in my icons folder, which I rotate frequently b/c of the 6 userpic limit :)

I like recognizing people by the icon they're using, not having to go ALLLL THE WAY OVER TO THE RIGHT OF THE ICON AND HAVING TO READ IT TO SEE WHO'S TALKING. >=(

Where's shaysdays? She needs to get in on this action.

Ohhh... this reminds me of something from Sandman. It's just Eve (yes, that Eve) telling a story about Adam's wives (of which there are three).

It's in Fables And Reflections... which I think is Book 6 in the series.

Three! Who was the other one? I knew about Lilith, and I love to spring her on people when they try to convert me.

Her story said that after Lilith, there was another wife which God made from the dust like Adam, but Adam saw the whole process of her being made- skeleton-muscles-organs-etc, and wouldn't touch her afterward.

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Well, considering that Lilith as Adam's first wife isn't exactly Biblical canon, there's good reason for that. Some Christian traditions might recognize midrashim, but it's by no means universal.

Right, Lilith does not really figure in Christianity. Then name appears once in the Bible, which the Latin Vulgate translates as "lamia" (after the Greek child-killing demon), and which the King James translates as "screech-owl" (mainly to be atmospheric, and because the translators didn't know what it referred to). The whole Lilith-as-Adam's-first-wife thing comes from The Alphabet of Ben-Sira, well after Christianity had become established. References to Lilith from before that point simply refer to her as a sort of seductress demon. She may show up in some formulations of Christian demonology, but that sort of thing was not a major part of religious practice.

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Oh, she didn't get a name.

To be honest, she may not exist outside of that Sandman story... Neil Gaiman might have just invented her.

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Google sez the idea of a nameless third wife for Adam supposedly originated in The Alphabet of Ben Sira Midrash, some medieval text. Far from Biblical canon, but not Gaiman's brain child.

I love how well researched his shit is.

It would amuse me more if it was just random coincidence that made it seem well-researched, though.

I had fun impressing my professor and shocking the rest of my class by responding, "Of course! Who doesn't?" when he asked who knew about Lilith. I was genuinely shocked that, unlike me, the rest of the class hadn't scrupulously researched Lilith after reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

(Interestingly, this research was during my major religious phase, and I kind of loved the idea. I think I was just really into religion, not necessarily Christianity.)

That was my first thought when I read the quote. I love that whole storytelling chapter.

Your icon makes me giggle and wonder if the hub computer is run by small rodents and sometimes pops up cucumber errors.

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That's OK, I went to church with a lady friend of mine, and they were talking about the Book of Daniel. You know, wiseman, reads the writing on the walls, has a gold chain from a great king, etc.

I'm THIS close to saying out loud "Hey, they have StarGate references in the Bible!" and then stopped myself before I could be a retard in public.

That would've been so win if you said that like, in the middle of a sermon. Like really loud. If I went to church (and I went to your church) I would've LOL'd.

Well, if you went to my church, you'd miss it entirely, as I'm Roman Catholic, and my friend was Church of Christ(ian?) at the time.

You probably get these sorts of comments all the time, but ICON LOVE.


Well, he was raised by a single parent, what can you expect?


:( it's alright, platypus, we love you down here anyway

Well I'll never think of Adam the same way again. That damn whiny slacker.

Shut up and get a job, Adam!

"But--but--I've just gone and named every species in this stupid garden--"

"But who am I going to work for? The squirrels? Eve? Pffft. She's made of ribs, she can't work."

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I've been involved in several conversations involving God, Lilith, Adam, and the eventual creation of Eve. Common consensus? God and Adam are dicks, Eve is highly gullible, and Lilith was the founding member of female rights.

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