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Wow, funny and scarily true :P

OH dear GAWDS... You mean they would do to him, what they've done to Shakespeare and Mark Twain and (insert author of choice here)....

(If I *EVER* have to read/discuss/analyze/dissect "Huckleberry Finn" Again...)

Oh my god, I HATED doing Huck Finn in school.

I've been lucky to have some pretty good/geeky english teachers these past two years, but it's still so ture.

I think I love the OP just a little. ♥

this makes me want to restart a crazy thing i did years ago - shakespeare dinners. i would make a lovely dinner and a bunch of copies of a play, and we would sit around after dinner and read it. really funny shit that turned a few of my friends from "meh, shakespeare" to "omg!" squeeling fangirls.

I agree, but I dunno if it's gonna take 300 years. If you study film studies or screenwriting, you might already have to do the latter. I did race, gender and sexuality in Pulp Fiction for one of my first year assessments :(

That's exactly what I was going to say! Sounds like normal Film Studies class assignment to me! That last sentance is perfect, actually. Contrasting contemporary views of oral sex given by the male and received by the female with views on oral sex given by the female and received by the male.

Does kind of suck the fun out of movie viewing, but I kinda like it. :)

I was wondering when this would show up! XD

This is fantastic. It's the exact opposite side of the coin from this.

What is it with Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare?

About the same amount of gore as Titus Andronicus perhaps?

...that sounds like fun.

Your icon is so full of win I don't even know where to start commenting on it.

I was involved in a dramatic reading of the Very Secret Diaries once; it was a proud and geekish day. XD

Hey, some of us already have taught Tarantino! And Shakespeare. In ur universities, harshing ur squee.

Equaling Tarantino to Shakespeare pains me greatly :(

I agree- Shakespeare was totally the Kevin Smith of his time.

When Pulp Fiction gets to be fodder for grade school studies, it'll be because the parents' generation considers it classic or essential, and the kids will revolt against it just because of that. And it won't be half as funny when it does happen, because vulgarity and swearing shifts so much. "Bitch" is now common on network TV. "Zounds" used be a swear word, and heck, even swear words from other English variants aren't entirely portable. I can imagine that in a few years, grade school kids calling each other "dumb motherfuckers" will have lost much of its impact.

Well, not for gradeschools, but I think it has for the rest of the world, to a certain extent.

My dyanmics prof said "here's the rub" today in class and I had a little brain jolt. I've never heard someone use that term outside of or in reference to Hamlet, heh.

...I need a Hamlet icon D:

Bwahahah the first (and only) thing that phrase reminds me of is "The Madness of King Scar" in the Lion King Musical. "Nobody loves me, there's the rub! Not even as a cub."

The Queen's own English, base knave! Does thou speak it?!

Ahhahaa. I was just thinking of that.

It makes sense. Both Quentin and Billy the Shake essentially re-used old tropes and made them popular again.

Really, the sarcasm is my way of saying YES.

Yeah, cause that story where you almost get your boss's wife killed when she snorts your smack, that's a hoary chestnut that was really revived by Tarantino.

This rocks. I can so see it happening.

I took Elizabethan Lit. in high school. Our teacher made us listen to Midsummer's Night Dream in first few days. Several kids fell asleep. then, she taught us quite a bit of Elizabethan English. We listened to the play again. A totally different experience. Folks were laughing and snerking at some of the racier scenes.

If only the principal knew what was going on.....

In high school, the teacher and I were the only ones laughing at the dirty jokes in R&J.

I once convinced my senior english teacher that Shakespeare was an emo kid.

I don't remember how, but I did.

Well, the inspiration for Romeo had to come from SOMEwhere, yes?

I saw a modern-dress staging a few years ago where Romeo spent most of the play in a Depeche Mode t-shirt, which was awesome.

Mercutio, of course, was a punk. :D

Very, very true.

and this is why no one teaches Titus Andronicus.

I was cruising this section looking for a reference to Titus Andronicus. I was afraid I'd have to write it myself.

Because people need to know about that play--it is not just Shakespeare crossing the line. It is Shakespeare in a leather jacket leaping over the line and twelve schoolbuses on a flaming skull-themed motorcycle while biting the head off a live chicken with one hand and flipping off the audience with the other.

Honestly, if teachers want to snag the interest of bloody-minded high schoolers, a bunch of frolicking fairies or whinging Danes got NOTHING on that.

Ah, Pulp Fiction... I've only seen bits and pieces of it, but I watched from... about the time Bruce Willis starts chasing Ving Rhames and then they get caught and ball-gagged til the end with my parents on Thanksgiving. My mom was sitting there going, 'this isn't funny' while me, my dad, and my brother were trying not to giggle.

I love Tarantino, but I wince at any 'so and so was the so and so of their day' comment.

I didn't read for years because of high school English class, I'm just in the last few years making up for lost time.

I'm glad my drama professors have at least seen that we need to have some humor when reading long, boring monologues. My British Romanticism class became "Incest and murder! Incest and murder!" in a fun way, and my Ancient Greek Theater professor likes going on tangents to enlighten us the more interesting aspects of theater in Athens, like parades of phalluses.

My Latin professor does that! Whenever things get boring, he reminds us that a colleague of his just published a book about the Romans' perceptions of monkeys.

Apparently they, and rightly so, thought monkeys were really weird.

A whole book!

I love teachers who do that. :)

Holy crap, are you in my English class?? We had this discussion just yesterday! Freaky...

I have to disagree on the basis that I think Tarantino is an idiot.

BUT. Funny quote.


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