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And with that I borrow the following, all respect due to xkcd:

mmmmmm... buttery bacon..... mmmmm....

Bacon and butter? That's like a heart attack of yumminess. Talk about dying happy.

thankfully, mine can't have bacon, so theres one bullet dodged.

Deep-fried butter bacon. Oh my!

Also... nice icon. :-D

Thank you! It's one of my favorite complicated-tasting-but-easy-to-prepare party snacks.

Ted kicks ass.

Edit- I use cherry maters and cook them for an hour and a half or so. Then toss them with some lemon juice, parmesan, lightly cooked asparagus, and parsley, then toss with bowtie pasta. NOM NOM NOM.

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Winner of the Best Taste Award in the Big Tex Choice Awards at the State Fair of Texas this year was Chicken-Fried Bacon.

Let me say that again, to make sure that no one thought it was a typo. You can get Chicken-Fried Bacon at the State Fair of Texas this year.

I've had it. It's awesome.

Sounds like the Southern classic streak-o-lean, which is breaded and fried fatback. In other words, deep-fried fat. At least bacon includes some meat!

you know,I've never understood the appeal of bacon. personally, I think it's disgusting.

I eat chips very occasionally and I have scrambled eggs like...IDK,once a week? maybe less. I mostly just eat bread with avocado.avocado with anything is delicious. and it's somewhat healthy

Fat percentage of a serving of avacado: 85-90%

Fat percentage of a serving of bacon: 75-80%

Course you could break it down to "good fats" versus "bad fats" and all the other stuff that could be found in an avacado vs. slap o' bacon and compare those, but that would ruin the point that fat = DELICIOUS.

Oh my God, the Carl's Jr. commercials were right!

I distinctly recall a recipe for a substance called 'Pig Candy' that was basically bacon strips coated in brown sugar and baked until crispy.

I read about it in the book The Sweet Potato Queens' Big-Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner).

As they said, it was a lot of recipes that would kill you if you ate them regularly, but you'd die happy.

Not from that book, but in a similar vein...

Bacon-wrapped peaches: OMG OMG OMG.

I could nom them forever.

Oh ugh. Thank god I hate bacon.

Seconded. I always smell it and go "ooh", but one bite, and I'm spitting it out. In my world, pork is something that happens to other people.

...I love being the cook in the family.

(Deleted comment)
Couldn't he have turkey bacon? Nom nom (back when I ate things with faces.)

(Deleted comment)
Your icon has my mouth watering! Oven-dried tomatoes FTW!

This is the reason I can never own a deep fryer.

My scottish friend threw himself a party where all the food was deep-fried. Deep-fried pizza is, incidentally, awesome. For dessert, he made brownie batter with Guinness instead of water and used that for batter to coat Snickers bars, Oreos, and marshmallows. Oh god, the deep-fried chocolate Guinness marshmallows...

butter-fried bacon, and all the other things we're talking about remind me of a Scotch Egg. One egg, hard boiled, then wrapped in inch thick sausage, and fried.

Heart attack on a plate, but so good.

I haven't had one of those in *years*, but I remember the last time I did I was just about catatonic with pleasure.

Ah, cooking. I'm not bad at it, particularly recipes from the school of "I have no assfucking clue what we have, screw it I'm gonna throw a bunch of shit in the frying pan and see what we get" cuisine.
My dad, on the other hand... He once burnt soup. Though my favorite story of all was the time he put a TV dinner in the oven on broil for thirty hours.

...I would ask how you burn soup, but I have the terrible feeling that I may have actually managed that myself at some point.

Oh, I hate you all so much. I miss my bacon cheeseburgers like woah.

Battered deep fried bacon

A scottish friend of mine introduced me to this one of the few nights my home town went below freezing. By experiment we worked out that somewhere around 4C it becomes too warm for a sane human to eat this without feeling like they are gargling fat.

But when it is cold. Oh so good.

Re: Battered deep fried bacon

Oh man, that's like the potato rule in our house; all through summer we have mash or new potatoes with our roast dinners, but as soon as October hits, out come the roast potatoes.

And they are good.

This thread is starting to sound more and more like an episode of a Paula Deen cooking show. I once watched the woman slice up a pan of super-rich macaroni and cheese, wrap it in bacon, batter it, and then deep-fry the whole mess.

My arteries were screaming for mercy after just watching the episode.

UGH that woman just... I don't know how she can eat half the shit she makes.

Also, Arby's has those deep fried macaroni & cheese things out now, they look positively disgusting.

Oh, bacon. You are so delicious, and you are the heart-attack that just keeps on giving. We always keep a little jar of bacon fat in the freezer in case somebody gets the urge to fry their toast in it. Or, on one memorable occasion, make french fries with it.

Yeah. Bag of oven fries. Pan coated in bacon grease. My arteries despise me but oh god it was good.

"Butter up that bacon, boy... bacon up that sausage..."

OTT your icon is awesome.

I have such a weird relationship with bacon. I don't like it, and I KNOW I don't like it, but every time someone makes it I go, "Ooh, bacon, yummy," and I eat it. And I sit there, CONTINUING to eat it, going, "I really don't like bacon. Another slice? Sure, why not?"

I don't understand. It's like my body forces me to eat things that are bad for me.

Every time you have the urge to eat bacon, have a bowl of minestrone instead. If you're anything like me, you'll have three bowls, feel sick because you're so full, and completely forget there was other food in the room.

(My body does that with cheap chocolate sometimes. I really, really don't like cheap chocolate that's not in some kind of baked good — but I will sit there and eat a huge handful of miniature candy bars. Which I hate.)

Icon appreciation! I will store that in my culinary consciousness. Thank you much.

It's not just the boys. My room mate's girlfriend lived with us for awhile, and she didn't know the hot dogs split at the ends. She kept throwing them away until I walked in and was like, "Uhm, why are you throwing away dinner?" She thought they were defective. *sigh*

Oh dear lord.

And here I thought hot dogs were moron-proof.


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